Exhibition: 50:50 Inspired by Japan – Mosaics, Textiles and Paper

Cleo Mussi and Matthew Harris

Exhibition dates: 1 April – 15 September 2013

As part of this exhibition, renowned artists Cleo Mussi and Matthew Harris have selected pieces from the Russell-Cotes Japanese collections that reflect the couple’s interests and those of the gallery’s founders, Sir Merton and Annie Russell-Cotes. The Japanese collections range from highly-refined objects in metal and lacquer, to ephemeral chopstick packets and matchboxes. This is a unique opportunity to reflect on two journeys to Japan, one hundred and thirty years apart.

50:50 also brings together the textiles of Matthew Harris with the mosaics of Cleo Mussi. Both artists studied textiles at Goldsmiths College and have spent the last twenty years working in close proximity to one another. 50:50 is the first show in which their works can be seen together. It reflects their different responses to Japan and its culture, but more importantly it demonstrates that while working with very different materials, they share a common language that constructs whole images from pieces and fragments.

For more information, visit the website of the Russell-Cotes gallery, Bournemouth.


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