Event: Tribal Weavings of the Lesser Sunda Islands Cruise

Richardsons' Indonesia trip - East Flores

Event dates: 8 – 19 May 2014

OATG members David and Sue Richardson will be leading an exciting textile cruise around the eastern islands of Indonesia next year on board the graceful phinisi the KLM Ombak Putih. They have just sent us the following update:

We spent the month of October in eastern Indonesia finalizing the details of our forthcoming cruise. Alas on this occasion we did not have the luxury of a boat to sweep us from location to location. Instead we travelled by noisy local ferries, small single propeller aircraft, and cars – covering over a thousand miles on poor roads, staying overnight in hotels of varying quality, ranging from good to grim. It really drove home to us what sheer bliss it is to voyage around these islands on a small, comfortable, air-conditioned phinisi.

As a result of our trip we are pleased to announce the following improvements and enhancements to our planned itinerary:

•    on Lembata we have added a visit to the village of Jontona, where we will be welcomed by local dancers and will then be taken half way up the Ile Api volcano in open trucks to visit the old ceremonial village

•    at the royal village of Baun in West Timor we will be greeted by more local dancers before being escorted to the Royal Pavilion for an audience with the King of the Amarasi people

•    on Savu we will land where Captain Cook moored HMS Endeavour in 1770 and will be entertained by local women and riders on horseback dressed in traditional costume

•    back on Flores we will moor below the imposing volcano of Inierie before driving up to the spectacular villages of Gurusina and Bena, located on its eastern flank

•    on Sumba we now plan to spend two days looking at the amazing local weaving. We will first visit two royal villages where the local nobility will demonstrate their different styles of weaving. The next day we will spend time at the workshop of a master weaver who is producing some of the best quality ikat to be found on Sumba today.

Come and join us for the trip of a lifetime. If you love textiles you’ll be knocked out by the variety and quality of the weaving. Even if you or your partner are not completely textile crazy, you will still gain a unique insight into the extraordinary beliefs and cultures of these islands and will come to understand why textiles play such an important role in local rituals and ceremonies.

David and Sue Richardson

For more information, and a downloadable cruise brochure, visit this website.


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