Event: Indonesian Festival Nottingham 2014

IndoFest 2014

Event date: 7 June 2014, 105pm

Indonesian Festival Nottingham (IndoFest) was first started in 2003 as a gathering event for Indonesians to play football together under the name ‘Pulkumpul’. In 2006 it was renamed the Indonesian Festival, and given the addition of performances and a bazaar. Since then, it has been the largest Indonesian cultural event in the UK.

This year IndoFest will have three main areas: arts, a bazaar and sports. In arts, we will bring you Indonesian culture through a photo exhibition, batik and wayang workshops, a number of traditional Indonesian folk games and last but not least, a line of great Indonesian performances on stage! Meanwhile, you can enjoy more than a hundred kinds of Indonesian foods prepared by the Indonesian natives at our bazaar area, from the sweetest to the spiciest. Finally in sports, Indonesians from all over the UK will come to Nottingham to compete with each other in various sports in the Bhinne Cup.

For more information, visit the IndoFest website.


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