Textile Tidbits: Japanese Clogs (geta) at the V&A

V&A - Japanese Clogs (Geta)

This Textile Tidbit comes thanks to Aimee, who pointed out two recent posts on the V&A Fashion & Textiles blog, both on the subject of shoes. The V&A have just acquired this fine pair of red velvet fur-trimmed clogs from Japan, which will be displayed later this year in a new exhibition entitled Shoes: Pleasure and Pain. Although these sorts of clogs, or geta, were originally designed to fulfil a purely practical function, of keeping the wearer’s clothing out of the dirt, these particular geta are more than purely practical. The covered toes would have kept this wearer’s feet far snugger than basic open clogs, and the fur trim (possibly squirrel fur?) adds an extremely luxurious touch!

To read the original blog post about these geta, click here, and to find out some of the background to the forthcoming V&A exhibition on shoes, click here.


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