Exhibition: Unraveling Identity – Our Textiles, Our Stories

Textile Museum - Unravelling Identity

Exhibition dates: 21 March – 24 August 2015
Tomorrow is an exciting day for textile lovers (and particularly those who are lucky enough to be in Washington, DC)! The Textile Museum is reopening in its new premises at the George Washington University Museum, with a major exhibition and a weekend packed full of events. The largest exhibition in Textile Museum history, Unraveling Identity will unite textiles from across cultures to explore expressions of individual, cultural, political and social identity throughout the ages.

Throughout time and around the world, clothing, adornments and other fabrics have articulated self and status – from ethnicity and occupation to religious belief.

Featuring more than one hundred objects that span 2,000 years and five continents, this exhibition will include both the Textile Museum’s world-renowned historic collections and key loans of contemporary art textiles and fashion.

In addition to the exhibition, this weekend at the museum there are a vast number of events planned, including:

  • Self-guided tours of the museum’s three inaugural exhibitions
  • Origami and traditional Okinawan textile craft projects led by the Japanese Embassy and Okinawan delegation
  • Cherry blossom necklace and Chinese paper quilt creation
  • Kimono and Victorian era dressing-up stations
  • Professional art demonstrations
  • Cultural dance and music performances (Saturday only)
  • Refreshments from around the world
  • Keynote lectures from eminent textile scholars and historians
  • A textile show and tell

For more information, visit the website of the Textile Museum, Washington.


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