Event: Tribal Art London

Tribal Art London


Event dates: 2 – 5 September 2015

London’s most distinctive art fair, Tribal Art London, reveals the exciting artistry and cultural iconography of tribal peoples the world over. Discover African dance masks, Aboriginal battle shields, decorative house carvings from Papua New Guinea, jewellery and adornment, textiles, rare ethnographic photographs and contemporary works. Get an insight into mystical figures created to give power and protection, ritualistic headwear worn by dancing warriors, beadwork crowns and feather capes worn by chieftans from South America to southern Africa. Works for sale also hail from India, China, Tibet, Southeast Asia and Northern Europe.

The current ‘Indigenous Australia’ exhibition at the British Museum has provoked a huge interest in Aboriginal works recently, and values are rocketing. Tribal works are highly sought-after by contemporary and modern art collectors and interior decorators, as they complement many types of abstract art so well, and artists have long been inspired by tribal forms. All the artefacts offered by exhibitors are early pieces, made for purpose.

Items on sale at this year’s fair will include:
– an early twentieth-century ceremonial dance skirt from the Admiralty Islands of Papua New Guinea, made of small snail shell beads
– a ‘coiffured’ carved wooden headdress worn only by women of the Sande Society, Mende peoples (Sierra Leone & Liberia)
– a rare pair of Nigerian Yoruba Ibeji figures representing twins, which were seen as a blessing and the harbingers of luck and good fortune
– a fine chieftan’s stool from the Cook Islands, South Pacific dating to the early nineteenth century carved from a single piece of wood
– Aboriginal ‘churinga’ or message board carved with mythological symbols using stone, shell or possum teeth tools

Tribal Art London is the UK’s only specialist event for collectors of fine ethnographic works, and OATG member Joss Graham will be one of the exhibitors at the event this year, with a wide range of textiles for sale.

For more information, visit the Tribal Art London website.


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