Textile Tidbits: Textile Identification Challenge

Today’s textile tidbit is a little bit different. I’ve been contacted by Amy Chang, Collection Curator at SADACC (South Asian Decorative Arts & Crafts Collection Trust) in Norwich, who wondered if any of our members or blog readers might be able to help identify this textile.

Can you help identify this textile?

Can you help identify this textile?

 She says: ‘The textile belongs to a visitor whose grandmother was the first to own it in their family. It is roughly one metre square, and is decorated all over with metal thread embroidery and fine chain stitch.

We are not sure whether it is indeed Asian in origin, but her grandparents had spent time in India, and the embroidery stitches are similar to those seen on other items in our collection. However the colours and motifs are not familiar to us. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Detail of the centre

Detail of the centre

If you have any suggestions as to the origins of this textile, or if you’ve seen one like it before, please leave a comment on this blog post (below) or email Amy directly at info@sadacc.co.uk. Thank you!

Detail of stitching

Detail of stitching and metal thread work

I’m hopeful that together we can help to identify this textile! I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas.

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