Events: Two Talks about BM Exhibition ‘Life and Sole: Footwear from the Islamic World’

British Museum - Life and Sole, Footwear from the Islamic World (talks)

Event dates: ‘Life and Sole: Footwear from the Islamic World’, Thursday 3 March 2016, 13:15pm

‘A Long Journey: My Footwear Collection from the Islamic World’, Monday 14 March 2016, 13:30pm

Both talks will be given by Fahmida Suleman, curator of the British Museum’s current exhibition ‘Life and Sole: Footwear from the Islamic World’.

In the second talk, Suleman will be in conversation with William (Boy) Habraken, curator at the Shoes or No Shoes (SONS) Museum, Belgium, and Guinness World Record holder of the world’s largest collection of tribal and ethnic footwear (3,357 pairs and counting!).

Both talks are free, but the second one requires that you reserve a place in advance.

For more information, visit the website of the British Museum, London.