Article: Conserving a suit of Samurai armour

DF3CE811-B0E5-43EA-BD96-AC7256E719C6The Department of Asia of the British Museum has recently acquired a fine set of Japanese samurai armour and accessories dating from the 1700s. During the Edo period (1615-1868), Japan was largely at peace, so armour was more for ceremonial occasions than for battle. It was a beautifully decorative ensemble of finely crafted materials, including metal, lacquer, textile, leather and horn.

Each of these presented different challenges for the team of conservators at the British Museum. In this article Organics conservator Tania Desloge discusses how some of these challenges were met. Wood, horn, metal, textiles and lacquer all needed to be treated differently, and then a special mount had to be made to showcase this fascinating acquisition.

To read the full article and see more images of the conservation work click here

To find out more about the newly refurbished Japanese Galleries click here


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